According to the content and terms of the Organic Law 15/1999, December 13th, on Personal Data Protection, the User must be warned that all personal information collected by will be electronically incorporated to HECARAN GESTIÓN Y SERVICIOS, S.L. electronic data files. HECARAN GESTÓN Y SERVICIOS, S.L. will take good care of these files and, according to the current legislation, they will be properly registered under the General Registry of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos).

These personal data will be collected by (domain name used for Internet identification) through previous User application at the user registry page. The electronic process this data is going to be exposed to is aimed to manage the information regarding the renting, selling, exchanging or leasing of any personal or real property, as well as other services and goods.

During User registry, requires the following information to be entered: User name and last name, address, city, phone number and email address. In some cases, it will also be necessary to provide that information regarding the apartment, room or living space to be posted.

On those registry forms containing personal data entries, any mandatory field will be highlighted with a (*). Not providing this information will result in the impossibility to post it on the Apartment/Room Offers/Search sections and, therefore, the unavailability for to provide the purpose of its service.

Following the terms and limitations stated on the current legal regulations, the owner of the personal data or their legal representative can file any action regarding the access to this information, as well as its modification, cancellation or right to objection. In order to initiate any of these processes, the User must fill out and sign an application form and either send it to C/Mayor 12, 3 A (28013 Madrid) or email it at

This application letter must enclose the following data : User name and last name, address where to post notifications, National Identity Document (DNI) photocopy, NIE or passport, subject and body of the application, date and signature. In case of representation, a proving document must be attached. guarantees that all personal data provided will be treated confidentially. However, and according to current regulations, is entitled to make this and any other collected information accessible to competent public authorities whenever formally and legally required to do so.

Therefore, and always aimed to help the aforementioned purposes, these personal data are subject to be stored at HECARAN GESTION Y SERVICIOS, S.L electronic files even when the service is no longer contracted. This storage will last for as long as the current legal system establishes and the stored information will be accessible to Administrative and Legal Authorities whenever requested.

Likewise, HECARAN GESTIÓN Y SERVICIOS, S.L guarantees that the provided information will not be transferred to other third parties. Whenever this may occur, the owner of the information will be formally requested for their authorization or consent, specifying the identity of those third parties and the purpose why the data is going to be transferred for.

By entering their personal data through registries, users authorize to perform all the electronic data processes aforementioned. However, when users don't want their information to be processed for commercial or advertising ( and third parties) purposes, they will have the chance to express so by clicking on the appropriate checkbox on the website's Registry forms. commits to the legal obligation to maintain personal data secret and well kept. Therefore, will take any necessary measures to avoid their alteration, loss, non authorized access or processing, in accordance to Royal Decree 994/1999, June 11th, regarding the approved Security Measures and Regulations for electronic files containing personal data.