The access to the international community is basic for us. The improvement and implementation in the contents and services for English-speaking users is very important in

The foreign visitors will find in their lodging while visiting Spain and Europe. Besides somewhere to stay they will find what Spanish and Europeans like to do on their leisure time: music, beauty, culture, discos, bars, restaurants

he website number 1 in gay friendly lodgings and holidays in Spain and Europe. New contents now!

1.- Create and maintain an open, tolerant and respectful place with everyone.

2.- To offer a quick and easy website.

3.- Quality information = quality service

My home This section is for those who are looking for their residence either in a flat on their own or in a shared flat.You can advertise a flat for rent or for sale.

My holidays Our users can choose where to go, how, who with and how much money they will spend. From rooms in a shared flat to resorts, luxurious hotels, hostels And, of course, the swapping of flats, apartments and villas for holidays.

My job Job positions for everyone. It is important the no discrimination within our private life, as well as the no discrimination in our professional environment.

Miscellaneous Every sort of advert will be published in this section: sale, rent, exchange of cars, computers, musical instruments, parking The section will be defined by our users.

Health & beauty - (new) will include a place where the latest in Health and Beauty will play the main roll. Information very demanded by our public.

Fashion & Trends - (new)

The trendiest, the latest trends in fashion and culture will be here. Avant-garde. Pioneering. Opened to all the creators who have something new to say, to feel.

Music & Entertainment - (new)

The latest albums, concerts, artists. Theatre, cinema, spectacles, bars, pubs, restaurants. In fact, everything that we can do on our leisure time will be The restaurants, pubs and bars more exclusive will have a very special place

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